hypoallergenic dog food

What is hypoallergenic dog food?

Just like human beings, dogs are also prone to allergies caused by different types of foods. There are also other dangerous allergies that are caused by the ingredients present in dog foods. Rightly so, a number of dog food manufacturers have come up with an effectively memorable response to this predicament. They have now ventured to Hypoallergenic dog food can help to combat these allergies. If the dog is put on a regular diet of these foods, the allergies are likely to subside or completely disappear.
Dogs that suffer from food allergies experience symptoms such as skin irritation and problems related to the gastrointestinal.
The following are some of the common food items that can cause dogs to have allergies:-hypoallergenic dog food

  • Dairy or milk products.
  • Yeast and wheat
  • Chicken and beef
  • Corn
  • Soy

What makes hypoallergenic dog food to be safe?

Brands that specialize in the manufacture of these foods do not use ingredients that have high chances of provoking allergic reactions in dogs. Unlike regular foods that use artificial flavoring, these foods contain no preservatives and are majorly made of natural ingredients. There are also no fillers such as meat by products that can cause allergies and skin irritations. Nevertheless, in order to get the best results, it is advisable to purchase these foods from credible dealers. Dog owners are also advised to stick to foods that have been manufactured by renowned brands.
There has been an increased demand for hypoallergenic dog food triggered by the increase in dog food allergies. Companies that specialize in dog food manufacture have come up with amazing formulas to produce new foods that have minimal effects. These foods are readily available in retail outlets that specialize in dog food, pet stores and vet clinics.
Dog owners are advised to change the current food whenever they notice any signs of food allergies. It is also important to make further consultations and involve your vet so as to determine the right brand that will not affect the dog. Trial methods that involve the changing of different brands to determine the best food can also be used. Switching of different foods will help to determine the exact food that is triggering the allergy.

There are popular hypoallergenic dog foods that can yield good results. The following are some of the brands that have been tested and certified.

Acana Hypoallergenic dog food is manufactured in Canada by Champion pet foods. The brand has made huge strides to produce different varieties of hypoallergenic food to cater for different breeds of dogs. Most dog owners prefer this brand because the foods manufactured do not have any artificial preservatives or color. The foods are also manufactured without the common allergenic wheat.

Avoderm is another notable brand that is manufactured by Breeders Choice pet food. It is safe not only for the stomach of the dog but also for the skin. Many dogs are able to react safely with the food because of the natural ingredients used to manufacturer it. Apart from avocados, the food largely consists of vitamins, trace elements, minerals and essential oils. This is definitely the right combination that will keep the dog’s allergies at bay and lead to a healthy living life. Avoderm is a brand that can be bought in retail outlets and in online stores.

Pinnacle Hypoallergenic food is 100% natural and free from allergens. It is manufactured using probiotics and other essential minerals to prevent allergies. According to vet professionals and analysts, this is considered as one of the highly recommended foods for dogs. Moreover, it comes in different types of flavors making it easy to select the right type that the dog will be comfortable with.

Oriien is another safe brand manufactured by Champion pet. Apart from being the alternative food to reduce allergies, it has also been clinically tested and proved to be beneficial for healthy growth of the dog’s skin and hair. Oriien Hypoallergenic dog food is readily available in leading pet stores and online stores.

If your dog is frequently shaking the head and itching more than normal, this is a sign of food allergy. Other dogs may also exhibit symptoms of diarrhea and gas. A bigger percentage of allergy cases in dogs are caused by food. Feeding the dog with hypoallergenic dog food is a better way of combating the situation. Also, when the dog is in a heat , which may last 9 – 15 weeks, hypoallergenic food may ease the pain associated with that.